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Damnation [14 Sep 2009|12:06am]

As this chain doth turn,
Who must thinkith of this raptured soul?
In this time of darkest night,
When all it's thoughts be of shadow?

When the break of dawn doth come,
What poor soul weeps in pain?
What will come of the morning dawn,
When the new day Breaketh forth?

In this hell created of personal pain,
Doth this soul writhe in torture.
Who will have the strength,
To pull back from the brink of death,
The soul that cries in agony?

Who might hold the key to salvation,
That will save this soul from damnation?
To place a salve upon its wounds,
And heal the inflictions it has long suffered.

And in this heaven of helped creation,
Will this soul find final peace?
Or suffer further the hell he created,
And burn to cinders and fall to oblivion?

In his darkest hour yet,
Will he find the saving light?
Or suffer more his eternal burden,
And pain the ones he truly loves?

Save this soul from eternal damnation,
Help him find his final peace,
Or let him burn for his self delusions,
And fall from grace into eternal damnation.

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[02 Mar 2007|02:37am]

Shadowed Moonlight

Silver pool shining within a
ashen abyss,
A shining tear all but swallowed
by coal colored silken sheets,
Love, brightly bursting like a
beacon in midnight seas,
Soon to return, yet feeling like
an eternity to reach,
Endless as that of existence,
Burning brightly in a seemingly
endless night,
Shadows of the past threatening to
overpower us,
But our strength never waining,
our bond never weakening.
All hardships over me, blocks
easily broken,
In darkness our light shall forever
Through life our love shall never

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[09 Apr 2006|06:44pm]

Hollowed Existance

Sleepless nights and hollowed dreams,
Days upon weeks of thinking of you,
Losing all will, losing all hope,
Mind left in shambles by countless thoughts.

Beauty a sight, yet never before seen,
Envisioned within you, the looks of a goddess,
A true lover no other could ever deserve,
A true love that swallows me whole.

Distance a reality that never ends,
Though love only makes it seem a fantasy,
Nights without you seem infinate,
Days without you seem lingering.

Shadows of doubt protrude my mind,
Entwining their coils tightly on my soul,
Fears and imaginings seeming to come to life,
Hidden jealousy rising to the surface.

Understanding of told feelings coming to light,
Reality of our bond showing it's true self,
Strength in our love, only growing stronger,
The heart in my chest, slowly opening.

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[05 Apr 2006|05:28pm]

Demented Creature That I am
By: Carmelo Rosario III a.k.a. Dark Silence/ShatteredSoul85

Nothing lives within this corpse,
Nothing but a demented soul,
Darkness enshrouds what little remains,
Not even love touches it any longer,

Pain and suffering is all that it feels,
Love and happiness are but a dream,
Hate and Anger are ruling emotions,
Nothing can break it from this prison,

Hell on earth has become its home,
The demons of dreams are now its friends,
Angels and Saints have no place here,
Only deceit and shallowness sustain it.

God has no meaning in this world it lives,
Satan himself has no power over the thing it's become,
He himself has become a god of his own making,
Tormented and suffering, forever shall he live this way.

The pits of Hell hath no hold upon this soul,
The darkness that dwells within is pure and demented,
Never shall a drip of love touch this thing,
None shall ever love it for such a thing to occur.

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